Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Info. for Class Next Week

Hey Everyone,

*Be sure to send off your entries by August 1st, if you want to enter the contest.
They send an email response back, after they receive it. So if you didn't get a response, they might not have gotten it.
*Our client is going to be here this upcoming Monday, and I think that one of us is supposed to meet her in the lobby to show her to the classroom. I think that we are all supposed to dress professionally also. I'm not exactly sure what Melissa meant by that, but you should have received an email from her regarding this. Be sure to check out their website and look over the projects that we are going to be working on for them.
*We get extra points if we have our presentation ready for next Monday (with our photos, bios, and mission statement). If everyone can write a personal bio and email it to the gmail account, with a self portrait. If everyone can also brainstorm about a mission statement for our group.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Jazz Festival Poster


Here's my final design.
Are we sending these off
to the contest individually
or as a group?


jazz poster

hey guys here goes my final poster.


My painted poster

This is my poster.
I painted it and played with it in photoshop.

Jazz Poster

Here is my final poster!
Let me know what all of you think.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jasons Poster

Hey everyone heres the latest version let me know what you think. Thanks

Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 2

Group Management (the following will be each member's job during this project and for the next project):

Jason (team manager): making sure that everyone has their poster designs ready by next Monday and giving feedback on designs.
Gabe (client contact): contacting the Jazz Festival to double check requirements and researching 4C's for next project.
Lindsey (communication manager): making sure everyone knows their responsibilities for the upcoming week and informing Diana on info. missed during class.
Diana (team manager/client contact assistant): assisting Gabe with researching 4C's.
Sylvia (presentation/printing manager): working on presentation.
Natalie (poster contest manager): make sure everyone is following the guidelines for the poster contest.

Week 2 Homework:

*Bring 50 sheets of card stock and $40 next week to Center for the Book.
*Finish poster designs for the Jazz Festival by class time Monday (must be in pdf or jpg format).
*Post poster design on Blog for feedback from group.
*Bring in a self portrait photo for presentation.
*Write a three sentence biography for presentation.

If anyone is unable to attend class or is going to be late, send an email to